Thus we respond with new considerations of divinity
to the silent whisper that calls us in the night.

Thoughts about Life

Thoughts about God

Thoughts about Jesus

Thoughts about the Bible

Thoughts about the Church

Thoughts of a New Doctrine

Thoughts about the Future

I can not say that it is true
I can say that I believe that,
if it were true,
it could lead to a good life
a fulfilled life, a life worth living.
But the legends are unlikely
and any facts unverified.

Only the writings of his friends
render any support to his story.

Yet many find comfort in
the unreal meanderings of religion
place their trust in a future
unsupported by reality.
It gives them hope
of more beyond
their tawdry lives.

Some, in their fear of the unknown,
prate their certainty of the factuality
of uncertain legends from antiquity
Fearing to open their eyes
to reality.

Others, in their blinded certainty,
will fight and kill, when challenged
with contrary and opposing views,
to preserve their mistaken integrity.

We can not truly say
what carries any veracity,
but often the message itself
can point us to divinity.

It is the lure of the Divine Whisper which leads us,
from the complacency of our self-centred morality,
to the challenge of personal selfless sacrifice,
following the path that Jesus showed us.